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Current Bible Studies

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Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Class




The Book of Revelation

Fourth Quarter 2022 Sunday Morning Auditorium Class
Class Teacher is Tim Smelser.
Class Title is "The Book of Revelation".

Link: Sunday Morning Bible Study Stream

The book of Revelation has suffered more abuse and misuse than perhaps any other book of the New Testament. It is either overlooked in study, because of the perception that it cannot be understood, or it serves as a playground for extremists and fanatics who have forced upon it strange and bizarre interpretations. We will approach this study from the viewpoint that it can be understood, and we will attempt to comprehend its symbolism and imagery by viewing the book through the eyes of its first century recipients.

Lesson 1October 02Introduction to Revelation 
Lesson 2October 09Christ among the LampstandsRev. 1
Lesson 3October 16The Seven LettersRev. 2-3
Lesson 4October 23The Book with Seven SealsRev. 4-5
Lesson 5October 30Opening the Seven SealsRev. 6-7
Lesson 6November 06The Seven TrumpetsRev. 8-9
Lesson 7November 13Measuring the Holy CityRev. 10-11
Lesson 8November 20War Against the SaintsRev. 12-13
Lesson 9November 27The Lamb on Mt. ZionRev. 14
Lesson 10December 4The Seven Bowls of WrathRev. 15-16
Lesson 11December 11The Harlot CityRev. 17-18
Lesson 12December 18Fall of the Harlot; Satan BoundRev. 19-20
Lesson 13December 25Picture of the Church and of HeavenRev. 21-22



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Accepting Adversity and Tragedy

Fourth Quarter 2022 Sunday Morning in Adult Classroom
Class Teachers are Lewis Wheaton, Ken Buchanan, Tom Palmer, and Jimmy Marquis.
Class Title is "Accepting Adversity and Tragedy".

Why is there pain, tragedies, and suffering in the world and why is this happening to me? My faith in God is shaken because I don’t understand. We often give short answers to answer these questions concerning the trials and problems that exist in our world today.

This class will attempt to deal with the tragedies and adversities of life and try to give more God given answers to the questions they provoke. The ultimate goal of the class is to find Biblical, and thus God-given, answers wherever they are provided. The goal of this class is to strengthen our faith in God which will help us endure the trials that face us today.

Lesson 1October 02Class Goals and PurposeLewis Wheaton
Lesson 2October 09Dangers to Our Faith – A Study of Psalms 73Tom Palmer
Lesson 3October 16Listening to GodTom Palmer
Lesson 4October 23Basic ConsiderationsLewis Wheaton
Lesson 5October 30Answers in a Fallen WorldLewis Wheaton
Lesson 6November 6Further Answers in a Fallen WorldKen Buchanan
Lesson 7November 13Biblical Examples and Related Spiritual DangersKen Buchanan
Lesson 8November 20Paradox of Pain and Accepting God’s AnswersKen Buchanan
Lesson 9November 27Biblical Examples, Value of TrialsLewis Wheaton
Lesson 10December 4Accepting God's PlanLewis Wheaton
Lesson 11December 11When and How to PrayJimmy Marquis Jr
Lesson 12December 18Accepting No for an AnswerJimmy Marquis Jr
Lesson 13December 25Hope, the Ultimate AnswerJimmy Marquis Jr



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Jesus: Model for Manhood

Fourth Quarter 2022 Wednesday Men's Bible Class Syllabus.
"Jesus: Model for Manhood"
This class will be taught by various teachers each week in the auditorium.

Link: Wednesday Evening Bible Study Stream

Jesus is the pattern we need to follow as men! This class explores the characteristics and traits of Jesus to help us grow as men!

Lesson 1October 05His Life's GoalsWilliam Freeman
Lesson 2October 12His Heavenly FatherJosh Maxson
Lesson 3October 19His Increasing Wisdom and StatureMatt Sims
Lesson 4October 26His Increasing Favor with God and ManJimmy Marquis III
Lesson 5November 02His TemptationsDavid Proctor
Lesson 6November 09His VocationJeff Paschall
Lesson 7November 16His Synagogue ExperienceMatt Andrews
Lesson 8November 23His AffiliationsBill Kephart
Lesson 9November 30His RaceCarl Felder
Lesson 10December 7His PrayersJim McCarty
Lesson 11December 14His Association with WomenDavid Balentine
Lesson 12December 21His LoveSeth Buchanan
Lesson 13December 28His Cross and CrownTodd Chapman


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Fourth Quarter 2022 Wednesday Women's Bible Class Syllabus.
"A Study of Philippians: Shining as Lights in the World"
This class will be taught by Jeannie Balentine, Christine Smelser, Nikki Smelser, and Teri Wheaton in a classroom.

In the Ladies Class this quarter, we will be studying together through the book of Philippians. In this prison epistle, Paul talks about the attitude and character that should define a Christian - one of peace, joy, unity, and humility. Living out these attitudes is having the mind of Christ. This is a mind focused on glorifying God, serving one another, seeking spiritual things, and finding security in the Lord. This quarter, we'll seek to study more about these things and hopefully come away with the goal of thinking and living more like our Savior, bringing glory to our Father in all things.

Lesson 1October 05Acts 16 - Introduction to PhilippiansChristine Smelser
Lesson 2October 12Phil 1:1-11 - Thanksgiving and PrayerChristine Smelser
Lesson 3October 19Phil 1:12-14 - Confidence in the LordChristine Smelser
Lesson 4October 26Phil 1:15-30 - Living for ChristChristine Smelser
Lesson 5November 02Phil 2:1-4 - Joy in UnityJeannie Balentine
Lesson 6November 09Phil 2:5-11 - Christ’s Example of HumilityJeannie Balentine
Lesson 7November 16Phil 2:12-30 - Lights in the WorldJeannie Balentine
Lesson 8November 23Phil 3:1-11 - Knowing Christ Jesus My LordNikki Smelser
Lesson 9November 30Phil 3:12-16 - Pressing on Toward the GoalNikki Smelser
Lesson 10December 7Phil 3:17- 4:1 - Our Citizenship Is in HeavenNikki Smelser
Lesson 11December 14Phil 4:2-7 - Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysTeri Wheaton
Lesson 12December 21Phil 4:8-9 - Think on These ThingsTeri Wheaton
Lesson 13December 28Phil 4:10-20 - God’s ProvisionTeri Wheaton


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Letter to the Romans

Third Quarter 2022 Sunday Morning Auditorium Class
Class Teacher is Tim Smelser.
Class Title is "The Book of Daniel".

Link: Sunday Morning Bible Study Stream

Historically, the book of Daniel covers the period of the Babylonian Captivity from its inception in 605 B.C. to its conclusion in 538 B.C. Spiritually, the book of Daniel serves to remind God’s people that he keeps his promises and preserves the humble and righteous. There are many difficult passages and some very detailed prophecies in the book of Daniel. Yet, great encouragement can be gained by studying this fourth installment of the major prophets.

Lesson 1July 03IntroductionDaniel 1
Lesson 2July 10Nebuchadnezzar’s DreamDaniel 2
Lesson 3July 17The Fiery FurnaceDaniel 3
Lesson 4July 24Nebuchadnezzar HumbledDaniel 4
Lesson 5July 31The Writing on the WallDaniel 5
Lesson 6August 7In the Lion’s DenDaniel 6
Lesson 7August 14Vision of the Four BeastsDaniel 7
Lesson 8August 21Vision of the Ram and GoatDaniel 8
Lesson 9August 28Daniel’s Prayer and God’s AnswerDaniel 9
Lesson 10September 4Detailed Prophetic VisionDaniel 10-11
Lesson 11September 11Detailed Prophetic VisionDaniel 10-11
September 18Gospel Meeting
Lesson 12September 25The Time of the EndDaniel 12



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How to Study the Bible

Third Quarter 2022 Sunday Morning in Adult Classroom
Class Teachers are Jimmy Marquis Jr. and Patrick Sells.
Class Title is "Marriage: A Holy Institution".

The Covenant of marriage is Holy. It was designed by God as the institution in which a man and a woman join themselves together in a relationship with Him. While having a marriage as God designed is often hard, it’s also a beautiful reflection of our God and His creation. This study of practical lessons will look at different aspects of marriage from preparing to marry to fighting for the covenant. Having a marriage that reflects God is worth having and keeping and one that’s focused on true reverence for Him, will lead to holiness and commitment to one another and our God.

Gen 2:25- “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

Lesson 1July 3Marriage: A Holy InstitutionPatrick Sells
Lesson 2July 10Preparing for a Godly MarriagePatrick Sells
July 17Meeting with Brent Hunter
Lesson 3July 24Spiritual Intimacy- Building up a Spiritual HouseJimmy Marquis Jr
Lesson 4July 31The Needs of MarriageJimmy Marquis Jr
Lesson 5August 7In-laws and Outlaws- Leaving and CleavingPatrick Sells
Lesson 6August 14Respectful SubmissionJimmy Marquis Jr
Lesson 7August 21Loving LeadershipPatrick Sells
Lesson 8August 28Sacrificial MarriageJimmy Marquis Jr
Lesson 9September 4Staying Focused in a Busy WorldJimmy Marquis Jr
Lesson 10September 11Forgiveness- Breaking down walls when trouble comesPatrick Sells
Lesson 11September 25Fighting for Love- Covenant CommitmentJimmy Marquis Jr



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2022 Summer Series - Members, One of Another

Third Quarter 2022 Wednesday Bible Class Syllabus.
"2022 Summer Series: Members, One of Another"
This class will be taught by Tim Smelser.

Link: Wednesday Evening Bible Study Stream

The New Testament teaching is clear regarding a Christian’s relationship to other Christians: Not one of us can function effectively by ourselves; we need each other. In our summer series this year at Powers Ferry Road we want to look at the means and methods expressed in scripture for living as members of the body of Christ and as brethren together in the family of God. We would like our speakers to focus primarily on attitudes and actions, helping us accomplish God’s will toward one another.

Lesson 1July 6Members, One of Another - Rom. 12:5Tim Smelser
Lesson 2July 13Devoted to One Another in Love - Rom. 12:10Kristopher Sanders
Lesson 3July 20Serve One Another - Gal. 5:13Phillip Martin
Lesson 4July 27Forebear One Another - Eph. 4:2Seth Mauldin
Lesson 5August 3Exhort & Edify One Another - 1 Thess. 5:11David Maxson
Lesson 6August 10Teach & Admonish One Another - Col. 3:16Sewell Hall
Lesson 7August 17Bear One Another's Burdens - Gal. 6:2Dan Petty
Lesson 8August 24Pray for One Another - James 5:16Phillip Shumake
Lesson 9August 31Restore One Another - Gal. 6:1Blake Edwards
Lesson 10September 7Comfort One Another - 2 Cor. 13:11Jon Page
Lesson 11September 14Be of the Same Mind with One Another - Rom. 15:5Keith Crews
September 21Gospel Meeting
Lesson 12September 28Be Hospitable, One to Another - 1 Pet. 4:9Bill Sanchez


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