Current Bible Studies

Current Bible Studies

Study of the Book of Job

Third Quarter 2020 Sunday Bible Class Outline.
Class teacher is Tim Smelser.

Link: Sunday Evening Bible Study Zoom

July 5Lesson 1Introduction to Job 
July 12Lesson 2Job’s OppressionJob 1-3
July 19Lesson 3First round of speechesJob 4-14
July 26Lesson 4Second round of speechesJob 15-21
August 2Lesson 5Third round of speechesJob 22-26
August 9Lesson 6Learning How NOT to Comfort 
August 16Lesson 7Job’s Final DefenseJob 27-30
August 23Lesson 8The Righteous ManJob 31
August 30Lesson 9Speeches of ElihuJob 32-37
September 6Lesson 10God and JobJob 38-40
September 13Lesson 11God and JobJob 40-42
September 27Lesson 12The Problem of Suffering 


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Summer Series 2020 - A House of Prayer, A People of Prayer

Third Quarter 2020 Wednesday Evening Class

Link: Wednesday Evening Bible Study Stream

DateLesson NumberTitleSpeaker
July 15Lesson 1Introduction - Pray Without CeasingTim Smelser
July 22Lesson 2Moses' Prayer for the PeopleDan Petty
July 29Lesson 3David's Prayer for DeliveranceMike Estes
August 5Lesson 4Agur's Prayer for Trust and ContentmentDavid Tant
August 12Lesson 5Jehoshaphat's Prayer for HelpSewell Hall
August 19Lesson 6Elijah's Prayer on Mount CarmelKristopher Sanders
August 26Lesson 7Prayer of JabezSteven Tramell
September 2Lesson 8Jonah's Prayer from The Belly of the FishSeth Mauldin
September 9Lesson 9Daniel's Prayer and SupplicationStacy Crim
September 16Lesson 10Nehemiah's Prayer for God's SupportRon Hasty
September 30Lesson 11Jesus' Prayer in the GardenBill Sanchez



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Second Quarter 2020 Classes (Previous Quarter)


Study of Genesis taught by Seth Buchanan.

Second Quarter 2020 Sunday Morning Adult Class Outline.
Class teacher is Seth Buchanan.


DateLesson NumberTitleScripture
April 5Lesson 1God’s Plan for a PeopleGenesis 1-3
April 12Lesson 2God Calls Out to Faithful MenGenesis 4-6a
April 19Lesson 3God Saves the RighteousGenesis 6b-11
April 26Lesson 4God Establishes AbramGenesis 12-14
May 3Lesson 5God’s Plan vs. Man’s SchemesGenesis 15-18a
May 10Lesson 6God Punishes the WickedGenesis 18b-20
May 17Lesson 7God Fulfills His PromisesGenesis 21-23
May 24Lesson 8God Establishes IsaacGenesis 24-26
May 31Lesson 9Jacob Wrestles with GodGenesis 27-32
June 7Lesson 10Jacob Submits to GodGenesis 33-36
June 14Lesson 11God Prepares a SaviorGenesis 37-41
June 21Lesson 12God Saves His PeopleGenesis 37-41
June 28Lesson 13Summary of GenesisGenesis 1-50


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Books of Thessalonians I & II taught by David Smelser.

Second Quarter 2020 Wednesday Evening Adult Class Outline.
Class teacher is David Smelser.


DateLesson NumberTitleScripture
April 8Lesson 1Historical Background and Introduction to ThessaloniansActs 16:7-10; 17:1-15
April 15Lesson 2Paul’s Journey to and from ThessalonicaActs 16:7-10; 17:1-15
April 22Lesson 3Greeting and Thanksgiving1 Thess 1
April 29Lesson 4Paul’s Service and Reception1 Thess 2:1-16
May 6Lesson 5Paul’s Absence from the Thessalonians1 Thess 2:17-3:13
May 13Lesson 6How You Ought to Walk and Love1 Thess 4:1-12
May 20Lesson 7Concerning those Who Are Asleep1 Thess 4:13-18
May 27Lesson 8Concerning Times and Seasons1 Thess 5:1-11
June 3Lesson 9Closing Exhortations1 Thess 5:12-28
June 10Lesson 10Persecution and Justice2 Thess 1
June 17Lesson 11The Man of Lawlessness2 Thess 2
June 24Lesson 12Warnings About Idleness2 Thess 3
July 1Lesson 13Catch-up in case we get behind 



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