Current Bible Studies

Current Bible Studies


1 & 2 Samuel: God’s People Decide Who They Want to Be

First Quarter 2021 Sunday Evening Class
Class Teacher is Lewis Wheaton.
Class Title is "1 & 2 Samuel: God’s People Decide Who They Want to Be".

Link: Sunday Evening Bible Study Zoom

The purpose of this quarter is to grow in wisdom and knowledge about a time of considerable change for God’s people. God’s people are making many decisions, and they are at the point where these decisions are starting to have real consequences to their relationship with God.

While it is a study of the Old Testament, we will realize that this study is no more historical than any other Bible study.

In general, I expect we will all understand the settings of this account, the choices, the consequences, and realize the relevance to our lives today. We will all be able to understand how an unchanging God deals with disobedience from his own people, and reflect on what that means for Christians.

Lesson 1April 04Introduction, Birth of Samuel, Hannah1 Samuel 1–2:11
Lesson 2April 11Eli Rejected and Samuel Chosen1 Samuel 2:12–3:21
Lesson 3April 18God's Enemies Understand God1 Samuel 4-7
Lesson 4April 25God’s People Don’t Understand God: The Unrighteous Request and God’s Wrath1 Samuel 8-11
Lesson 5May 02Man’s Troubles with Leading God’s People1 Samuel 12–15
Lesson 6May 09Rivalry, Jealousy and Envy… Amid God’s Anointed1 Samuel 16–18
Lesson 7May 16Deathly Power Struggle… Amid God’s Anointed1 Samuel 19–27
Lesson 8May 23David Strengthened Amid a Torn Nation1 Samuel 28–31
Lesson 9May 30David Anointed and Division Deepens2 Samuel 1–4
Lesson 10June 06David’s Victory and a Unified Plan2 Samuel 5–10
Lesson 11June 13A Turning Point, Deeper Division, and a Fall2 Samuel 11–18
Lesson 12June 20A Complicated Ending2 Samuel 19–23:7
Lesson 13June 27What Have We Learned?2 Samuel 23:8–24



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Fulfill Your Ministry: Studies in 1 & 2 Timothy

Second Quarter 2021 Wednesday Bible Class Syllabus.
Class Teacher is Tim Smelser.
Class Title is "Fulfill Your Ministry: Studies in 1 & 2 Timothy"

Link: Wednesday Evening Bible Study Stream

The books of 1st and 2nd Timothy (and also Titus) are commonly called the “pastoral epistles.” Perhaps “evangelistic epistles” would be a better designation, but in these books we find more than just instructions for preachers, elders, and deacons. The encouragement to “handle correctly the word of truth” and to avoid “whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine” is something every Christian needs to hear. Join us each Wednesday evening at 7:00 as we study Paul’s letters to his true child in the faith, Timothy.

Lesson 1April 07Introduction to 1 & 2 Timothy 
Lesson 2April 14Sound Doctrine1 Timothy 1
Lesson 3April 21Lifting up Holy Hands1 Timothy 2
Lesson 4April 28Women Professing Godliness1 Timothy 2
Lesson 5May 05Elders and Deacons1 Timothy 3
Lesson 6May 12We Labor and Strive1 Timothy 4
Lesson 7May 19Honor the Elderly1 Timothy 5
Lesson 8May 26Vain Talkers1 Timothy 6:1–5
Lesson 9June 02Godliness with Contentment1 Timothy 6:6–21
Lesson 10June 09I Am Not Ashamed2 Timothy 1
Lesson 11June 16Handling the Truth Correctly2 Timothy 2
Lesson 12June 23Grievous Times will Come2 Timothy 3
Lesson 13June 30Fulfill Your Monistry2 Timothy 4


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First Quarter 2021 Classes (Previous Quarter


Mark: The Gospel of the Son of God

First Quarter 2021 Sunday Evening Class
Class Title is "Mark: The Gospel of the Son of God".

Who would want to attend a class on prayer? Well, obviously, you would! But why? What do you hope gain from this class? Join us for this Wednesday evening class on Prayer. Improve your "Prayer Life" with better understanding and motives for praying!

Lesson 1January 03Introduction to Mark & the Synoptic GospelsMark 1
Lesson 2January 10Ministries of John and JesusMark 1
Lesson 3January 17Lord of the SabbathMark 2-3
Lesson 4January 24Parables and MiraclesMark 4–5
Lesson 5January 31Death of John the BaptistMark 6
Lesson 6February 07Pharisees Demand a SignMark 7–8
Lesson 7February 14The TransfigurationMark 9
Lesson 8February 21Rich Young ManMark 10
Lesson 9February 28The Triumphal EntryMark 11
Lesson 10March 07The Greatest CommandmentMark 12
Lesson 11March 14The Abomination of DesolationMark 13
Lesson 12March 21The Last SupperMark 14
Lesson 13March 28The Death, Burial, and ResurrectionMark 15–16



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2 Corinthians: Comfort, Deliverance and Hope

First Quarter 2021 Wednesday Bible Class Syllabus.
Class Teacher is Tim Smelser.
Class Title is "2 Corinthians: Comfort, Deliverance and Hope"

Paul’s second letter to the saints at Corinth has been referred to as the most personal, open, and intimate of all his letters. He truly bares his soul as he speaks of hardship, emotional pressure, and physical abuse. But through all of this we see what really motivated Paul and why he went trough all he did: his love for his brothers and sisters in Christ, his love for the gospel, and his love for God.

Lesson 1January 06Introduction to 2 Corinthians 
Lesson 2January 13Spiritual Comfort2 Cor. 1
Lesson 3January 20Sorrow, Joy and Triumph in Christ2 Cor. 2
Lesson 4January 27Hearts and Stones2 Cor. 3
Lesson 5February 03Treasure in Jars of Clay2 Cor. 4:1–15
Lesson 6February 10Seeing the Unseen2 Cor. 4:16–5:10
Lesson 7February 17A Ministry of Reconciliation2 Cor. 5:11–6:2
Lesson 8February 24Penitent Christians2 Cor. 7
Lesson 9March 03Generous and Gracious Christians2 Cor. 8–9
Lesson 10March 10Defense of Paul’s Ministry2 Cor. 10–11
Lesson 11March 17Sufficiency in Christ2 Cor. 12
Lesson 12March 24Approved Christians2 Cor. 13
Lesson 13March 31Review: 1 and 2 Corinthians 


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