About Us

About Us


We at Powers Ferry seek to glorify God by working together as a family of believers, growing in holiness, love for God and service to others for the cause of Christ. We seek to be a light to the world by spreading the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Powers Ferry Road Church of Christ is a group of believers seeking to work and worship in a way we find consistent with the church we read about in the New Testament.

In July 1966, the first assembly of what is now called the Powers Ferry Road Church of Christ was held in the home of Jim and Ruth Park. The first assembly in the church’s present location was held in October 1969. Today, the seeds that were planted from God’s word in this part of Marietta, GA continue to bear fruit.


Our congregation is made up of over 200 believers.  While our elders, deacons, and evangelist serve us in visible ways, there are countless acts of love, service, mercy, hospitality, encouragement, and efforts to teach the gospel performed by each and every member of our spiritual family in this place.

We are grateful to be called together to serve Christ our Lord.  We invite you to join us!