Other Evangelists Supported

Other Evangelists Supported

As the apostles were instructed by Jesus, we too share in The Great Commission to take the gospel into all the world.  The following men receive some level of financial support, provided by the contributions of our members.  We are fortunate to be able to partner with these men throughout the world as they endeavor to share the good news with the lost and minister to their flocks.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (Mark 16:15)


Dan Bunting - Albany, New York 

Dan is very excited about the work they are doing with the Mohawk Valley church and sees a lot of potential for growth in their area. They have one worship service on Sunday mornings and hold a mid-week Bible study. Additionally they are involved in a couple other home Bible studies throughout the week.

Blake Edwards - Atlanta, Georgia

Blake Edwards is from the Birmingham, AL area originally, where his family still resides. While in college, he was able to be involved in on-campus Bible studies, monthly College devotionals and a student orgainization called TruthSeekers. He participated in a summer preaching internship with the Jackson Heights church in Columbia, TN while in college and, after graduation, completed a 1 year training program with them as well. Before moving to Atlanta, Blake worked with the College View church of Christ in Florence, AL from 2013-2016 preaching and teaching Bible classes. 

To facilitate the move to Atlanta, Blake worked with a staffing company from 2016-2018, however a main purpose in moving was to be involved with the Intown church. He left the staffing company at the end of 2018 to work with the Intown congregation and help with evangelism in the city full-time. His goal in moving to Atlanta and being with the group at Intown was/is to be involved in spreading the gospel and strengthening Christians as much as possible. 

Blake sees himself as being most effective in connecting with people and trying to build relationships with them. Putting that into practice in Kingdom work to the praise and glory of God is his primary focus. His goal with Intown is to help the group and anyone he can work with (through Meetups or other connections) to be further established in Jesus Christ and to equip others for service to the glory of Jesus (Eph. 4:12-16). 

Dan Koen - Boston, Massachusetts

Dan began preaching in 2009 at various churches in Indiana and West Virginia. In 2012, Dan moved to Boston to help start a young church located at the heart of the city. Dan has since devoted his time in Boston to evangelistic efforts in the community, the encouragement and instruction of the Christians in Boston, and his independent growth and maturity as a Christian. Dan and his wife Sonia were married in 2016.

Joshua Lewis - San Franciso, California

Josh and Kirby are thankful that they have been given the opportunity to devote themselves to the sharing of the gospel. They pray that whatever good is done in San Francisco will be to the praise of God’s glory and others would join them in thanking God for what He has done and praying for His continued grace on them as they work there.

Darryl Smelser - Columbus, Ohio