Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Joshua Lewis – San Francisco, CA

Josh was raised in northern Alabama and through the influence of some family members and close friends he became a Christian as a teenager. Upon moving away for college in 2008, he began to take seriously his role as a Christian in his community and

in the local church and started becoming more involved in the work of the gospel. In 2011, he left school and began working with the Jordan Park church of Christ in Huntsville, AL. It has been Josh’s goal to make intentional moves to places where the gospel is less represented, but people are in abundance, and so after two years, Josh left Huntsville for Atlanta, GA. Once there he and others started a new local church in the heart of the city called Intown Atlanta church of Christ. It was also in 2013 that he married his wife Kirby. Together they worked in Atlanta for five years teaching the gospel and helping the Christians they met with to know and love the Lord. In April 2018, after much prayer and preparation, they left Atlanta and moved to San Francisco, CA with the continued goal of teaching the gospel in places where they felt the gospel was more scarce.

Josh and Kirby are thankful that they have been given the opportunity to devote themselves to the sharing of the gospel. They pray that whatever good is done in San Francisco will be to the praise of God’s glory and others would join them in thanking God for what He has done and praying for His continued grace on them as they work there.