Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Daniel Bunting – Albany, NY

Dan and his wife Heather were married in 2002.  They have two sons, Jack and Thomas, and a daughter, Alice, who was born in the summer of 2013.  Dan has been preaching full time since 2007.  Before moving to Albany to support the Mohawk Valley church, he worked with congregations in Washington, NJ and Duluth, MN.

Heather works as a homemaker.  She stays busy teaching Bible, schooling the boys, making dinner and baking bread. According to Dan, it makes for a lovely home.

Of the kids, Dan says:

Jack is fast becoming a little scientist with all of the science textbooks he reads. He always has an astronomical comment to offer during our drives in the evening.

Thomas enjoys being an expert. He recently realized that, just like Santa Clause, he knows everything! It has been very useful to have such a knowledgeable boy. He tells us lots of interesting facts. Most of them seem unbelievable. However, he regularly assures us he is “being serious”, so they must be true! He just told me that I ought to let you all know that he loves hot sauce.

Alice is talking all the time. She always “wants some”, tries to “help boys” and usually wants to “see it”. The “some” is always food, the help is rarely helpful, and the “it” is my phone. However, her smile is amazing. She is a sweet beauty and a blessing from the Lord.

Dan and his family love the outdoors and feel especially blessed to be in a new home in the country.  They are looking forward to planting a garden and some apple trees.  Dan is also a big cycling enthusiast and tries to find time for a couple road rides each week.

Dan is very excited about the work they are doing with the Mohawk Valley church and sees a lot of potential for growth in their area.  They have one worship service on Sunday mornings and hold a mid-week Bible study.  Additionally they are involved in a couple other home Bible studies throughout the week.