Friday, June 5, 2020

Dan Koen – Boston, MA

Dan was raised in central Indiana, where he felt blessed to be surrounded by so many mature and faithful Christians. Because of that blessing, he was motivated to take the gospel of Christ to places that perhaps did not have that same privilege. He began preaching in 2009 at various churches in Indiana and West Virginia. In 2012, Dan moved to Boston to help start a young church located at the heart of the city. Dan has since devoted his time in Boston to evangelistic efforts in the community, the encouragement and instruction of the Christians in Boston, and his independent growth and maturity as a Christian.

Dan and his wife Sonia were married in 2016. Through the ever-changing pace of an urban work, adjustment and flexibility are qualities that are required. But already, the spiritual growth in the city is visible and it is evident that the Lord is working mightily amongst his people there. Dan and Sonia hope to bring glory to God as the hand at work in Boston, and pray that those who would hear of it, would in turn thank the Lord for what He has done and continues to do there.