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The Gospel According to John

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Our Fall Quarter Sunday morning adult bible study will be led by Tim Smelser. This class will examine the Gospel of John. You are invited to join us in this study from the Word of God.

 Lesson Date Topic Text
Lesson 1 Oct. 7 Prologue, Lamb of God, Water to Wine John 1:1-2:12
Lesson 2 Oct. 14 Cleansing the Temple, Nicodemus, Friend of the Bridegroom John 2:13-3:36
Lesson 3 Oct. 21 Samaritan Woman, Nobleman’s Son John 4
Lesson 4 Oct. 28 Healing at Bethesda Pool, Jesus’ Witnesses John 5
Lesson 5 Nov. 4 Feeding 5,000, Bread from Heaven, Rejection John 6
Lesson 6 Nov. 11 Feast of Tabernacles Controversies, “I AM” John 7-8
Lesson 7 Nov. 18 Light of the World, Good Shepherd John 9-10
Lesson 8 Nov. 25 Jesus Raises Lazarus, The Resurrection and the Life John 11:1 – 12:11
Lesson 9 Dec. 2 Triumphal Entry, Jesus Washes Feet, A New Command John 12:12 – 13:38
Lesson 10 Dec. 9 Jesus’ Message of Comfort John 14-15
Lesson 11 Dec. 16 Overcoming the World, Prayer for Unity John 16-17
Lesson 12 Dec. 23 Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion John 18-19
Lesson 13 Dec. 30 Resurrection, Breakfast and Reconciliation with Peter John 20-21

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