Monday, March 18, 2019

The Book of Leviticus

Psalms and Proverbs on the Heart

Our First Quarter Wednesday evening adult bible study will be led by Tim Smelser. This class will examine the book of Leviticus. You are invited to join us in this study from the Word of God.

First Quarter Adult Class Outline

Date Lesson Number Title Scripture
Jan 9 Lesson 1 Introduction to Leviticus  
Jan 16 Lesson 2 Offering instructions for the people Lev. 1-7
Jan 23 Lesson 3 Aaron and his sons Lev. 8-10
Jan 30 Lesson 4 The Clean and The Unclean Lev. 11-15
Feb 6 Lesson 5 The Holiness Code Lev. 17-20
Feb 13 Lesson 6 Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread Lev. 23
Feb 20 Lesson 7 Feast of Weeks Lev. 23
Feb 27 Lesson 8 Feast of Trumpets & Day of Atonement Lev. 23 and Lev. 16
Mar 6 Lesson 9 Feast of Tabernacles Lev. 23
Mar 13 Lesson 10 The Sabbath System Lev. 25
Mar 20 Lesson 11 Blessings and Cursings Lev. 26
Mar 27   Gospel Meeting Paul Sheehan
Apr 3 Lesson 12 Leviticus in the New Testament  



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