Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer Series 2017 – Kingdom Parables

Our annual Wednesday night summer series kicks off July 5th and continued through the final week of September. The series featured a different speaker each week. The over-arching themes for this Summer Series is Kingdon Parables – Citizenship in the Kingdom of God.

Key points to consider from this series of lessons:

  • Kingdom Citizenship
  • Membership in the Kingdom of God
  • Duty Toward Fellow Citizens
  • Duty to God
  • Goal of Eternal Citizenship in Heaven
  • Contrasts with Citizenship in the World

Summer Series Lessons

Date Speaker Topic Text
July 5 Mike Estes Parable of Two Sons Matt 21:28-32
July 12 Bobby Blackburn Parable of the Landowner Matt. 21:33-46
July 19 Josh Lewis Parable of the Marriage Feast Matt. 22:1-14
July 26 Kevin Clark Parable of the Ten Virgins & Parable of the Expectant Steward Matt. 25:1-13 and Luke 12:35-40
August 2 Sewell Hall Parable of the Talents Matt. 25:14-30
August 9 David Tant Parable of the Soils Matt. 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20
August 16 David Norfleet Parable of the Wheat and Tares & Parable of the Dragnet Matt. 13:24-30 & Matt 13:47-50
August 23 Phillip Shumate Parable of the Hidden Treasure & Parable of the Pearl of Great Value Matt. 13:44 & Matt. 13:45-46
August 30 Mike Thomley Parable of the Lost Sheep Matt. 18:12-14
September 6 Steven Tramell Parable of the Lamp Mark 4:21-25
September 20 Ben Hall Parable of the Unforgiven Servant Matt. 18:23-35
September 27 Phil Robertson Parable of the Great Supper Luke 14:15-24


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