Saturday, October 19, 2019

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

During the summer quarter of 2019 we will be studying a series of lessons based on the content of the “Sermon on the Mount”.

Studies from the Sermon on the Mount
Date Speaker Passage Topic
July 7 David Crews Matt. 5:1-12
  • Introduction
  • Beatitudes: The Character of Kingdom Citizens
  • Beatitudes: “Nothing Succeeds Like Failure”
  • Beatitudes: A Gospel for Losers
  • Beatitudes: The Strength of “Weakness”
  • Beatitudes: A Surprising Conclusion
July 14 Ken Buchanan Matt. 5:13-20
  • Similitudes: The Calling of the Christian
  • The Righteousness of the Kingdom: Jesus and the Law
  • The Kingdom and God’s Commandments
  • A Different Kind of Righteousness
July 21 David Crews Matt. 5:21-32
  • The True Righteousness
  • “Whoever Hates His Brother…”
  • Dealing with Your Victim
  • The War Against Lust
  • Radical Surgery
  • The Treachery of Divorce
July 28 Ken Buchanan Matt. 5:33-42
  • Not Oaths, but Truth
  • An Idea Whose Time Has Not Come
  • Vengeance Is Not Our Business
August 4 David Crews Matt. 5:43-48
  • The Unthinkable Commandment
  • A Different Kind of Love
  • Must We Always Love Our Enemies?
  • The Godward Life
August 11 Ken Buchanan Matt. 6:1-8,16-18
  • The Problem of Pride
  • The Sound of Trumpets
  • Purifying Our Prayers
  • Rote Does Not Make Right
  • “Your Father Knows…”
  • The Christian and Fasting
August 18 David Crews Matt. 6:9-15
  • The Prayer That Teaches Us How to Pray
  • God is Concerned About “Little Things”, Too
  • The Things We Cannot Live Without
August 25 Ken Buchanan Matt. 6:19-24
  • The Committed Heart
  • The Single Mind
  • The Impossibility of Divided Loyalties
September 1 David Crews Matt. 6:25-34
  • The Worldliness of Worry
  • Lessons from the Birds and Flowers
  • A Faith Too Small
  • God Above All
September 8 Ken Buchanan Matt. 7:1-12
  • Judgment Without Mercy
  • Of Pearls and Pigs
  • A Kingdom for the Asking
  • The Golden Rule
September 15 David Crews Matt. 7:13-23
  • The Challenge to Choose
  • Wrinkles on the Narrow Road
  • Looking Under the Sheepskin
  • Life Reveals the Heart
  • What the Kingdom of God Is All About
  • The Final Humiliation
  • The Danger of Self-Deception
September 22 Kevin Clark – Gospel Meeting
September 29 Ken Buchanan Matt. 7:24-29
  • Building a Life That Will Last
  • Where to Build Your Life
  • Rock or Sand?
  • “And Great Was Its Fall”
  • Never Man so Spake
  • Beyond the Sermon-The Preacher

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