Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How We Got The Bible

Sunday morning will offer a class, taught by Jonathan Dunlap on “How We Got the Bible”. This class is a study of how the Bible was formed and passed down to modern times. This study of how the scriptures was preserved and passed down through history will help one be more confident that the Bible is accurate and complete.

Lesson Date Topic
Lesson 1 Jan. 7 Intro & Making of Ancient Texts
Lesson 2 Jan. 14 The Writing and Copying of the Bible
Lesson 3 Jan. 21 Ancient Manuscripts (Part 1)
Lesson 4 Jan. 28 Ancient Manuscripts (Part 2)
Lesson 5 Feb. 11 Ancient Translation and Interesting Manuscripts
Lesson 6 Feb. 18 History of New Testament Text and Textual Variation
Lesson 7 Feb. 25 Restoring the New Testament Text
Lesson 8 Mar. 4 Text of the Old Testament
Lesson 9 Mar. 11 Formation of the Cannon
Lesson 10 Mar. 18 The English Bible to 1611
Lesson 11 Mar. 25 Recent Translations of the English Bible
Lesson 12 Permanence of the Scriptures

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