Monday, March 18, 2019

A Pure Heart, A Reflection of God’s Image in Our Marriage

Reflection of God in Our Marriage

There is a perfect plan for marriage given by God and it starts with the heart of each husband and wife. The reflection of God in our marriages requires each of us to become closer to God on a daily basis. The study will examine how husbands and wives can grow together spiritually amidst the trials we face in the world today. Let God create you and your marriage into a reflection of His image.First Quarter Small Adult Class Outline

Date Lesson Number Title Teacher Slides
Jan 6 Lesson 1 Marriage in the Image of God Jimmy Marquis  download
Jan 13 Lesson 2 Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage – The Forgotten Intimacy Jimmy Marquis  download
Jan 20 Lesson 3 Reflecting on Each Other – The Needs of Marriage Patrick Sells  download
Jan 27 Lesson 4 Reflecting on Each Other – The Needs of a Wife Patrick Sells  download
Feb 3 Lesson 5 Reflecting on Each Other – The Needs of a Husband Patrick Sells  download
Feb 10 Lesson 6 Reflecting on My Role – Leadership of a Husband and Submission of a Wife Patrick Sells  download
Feb 17 Lesson 7 Focused Marriage in a Busy World Jimmy Marquis  download
Feb 24 Lesson 8 The Image of Communication Jimmy Marquis  download
Mar 3 Lesson 9 Reflecting Love in a Marriage Patrick Sells
Mar 10 Lesson 10 The Image of Romance and Sex in a Couple of Saints Jimmy Marquis
Mar 17 Lesson 11 Reflecting Forgiveness in Marriage Patrick Sells
Mar 25 Gospel Meeting Paul Sheehan
Mar 31 Lesson 12 Marriage Teaches Us to Reflect Perseverance Jimmy Marquis

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