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Raising Children to Serve the Lord – A Matter of the Heart

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Raising Children to Serve the Lord
Fourth Quarter Small Adult Class Outline. Class teachers are Jimmy Marquis and Patrick Sells

Who am I as a parent? How does God value parents? How can I teach my children to be faithful servants to the Lord in a world that is in opposition to God’s word? God has entrusted every parent with the hearts of their children. This quarter, we will examine key parenting attributes that are vital in shepherding the hearts of our children. If we want to raise children who faithfully serve the Lord, then we must imitate our Father in Heaven. Teaching our children about God is “A matter of the Heart.”

Date Lesson Number Subject Teacher
October 6 Lesson 1 Introduction Jimmy Marquis
October 13 Lesson 2 What’s in Your Heart Patrick Sells
October 20 Lesson 3 Key Influences of a Child’s Heart Jimmy Marquis
October 27 Lesson 4 Developing a Plan to Shape a Child’s Heart Jimmy Marquis
November 3 Lesson 5 Where Does the ResponsibilityLie? Patrick Sells
November 10 Lesson 6 Key Parent Attribute – Communications Patrick Sells
November 17 Lesson 7 Key Parent Attribute – Love Jimmy Marquis
November 24 Lesson 8 Key Parent Attribute – Authoritative Instruction Jimmy Marquis
December 1 Lesson 9 Key Parent Attribute – Motivation Patrick Sells
December 8 Lesson 10 Key Parent Attribute – Forgiveness Patrick Sells
December 15 Lesson 11 Consistency – Early Childhood Years Jimmy Marquis
December 22 Lesson 12 How to Lead Teenagers Patrick Sells
December 29 Lesson 13 Why Aren’t My Children Faithful? What Can I Do Now? Jimmy Marquis

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