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Hebrews: The Word of Exhortation

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Like the original recipients of this letter, we today are walking a “long road” that leads to salvation.  On this road it is often easy to grow weary, get discouraged, and have our faith challenged.  The book of Hebrews addresses these, and other issues, by encouraging us to look to Jesus (2:9).  This quarter we will direct our eyes forward as we too are encouraged by looking to Jesus, looking to God’s promises, looking to other persons of faith, and ultimately by looking to heaven.

Auditorium Adult Class – Teacher:  Tim Smelser

Date Lesson Number Title
Apr 7 Lesson 1 Jesus: The Better Messenger
Apr 14 Lesson 2 Jesus: Better than the Angels
Apr 21 Lesson 3 Jesus: The Better Leader
Apr 28 Lesson 4 Jesus: The Better Rest
May 5 Lesson 5 Jesus: The Better Priesthood
May 12 Lesson 6 Peril of Apostasy
May 19 Lesson 7 Jesus: The Better High Priest
May 26 Lesson 8 The Better Covenant
June 2 Lesson 9 Jesus: The Better Sacrifice
June 9 Lesson 10 Peril of Rejection
June 16 Lesson 11 Faith Defined and Demonstrated
June 23 Lesson 12 The Better Life
June 30 Lesson 13 General Exhortation

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