Saturday, September 22, 2018

From the Heart: The Sensible Senior Citizen

READ: 2 Samuel 19:31-39

Many of us have difficulty accepting the reality of getting old. We want to do everything in our power to stay young and active and continue to enjoy all the attributes of life that we did when we were much younger. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that but at some point we are forced to realize that this temporary body that God blessed us with has it’s limitations. I’ve heard it said that the first sign of old age is forgetfulness and I can’t remember what the second sign is.

It was said that Queen Elizabeth I  (1533-1603) was among those that had difficulty accepting the fact that she was getting old. As she neared her seventies she started dressing like a fashion model, attended many parties, and flirted with men much younger than she. When she could no longer carry on this way, she lost her appetite for life and became melancholy, suspicious and fearful until she died.

Some elderly people go to the opposite extreme and just sit back waiting to die. Although it’s true that we have our aches and pains and we may tire more easily and we can’t do all the things we did when we were young, we can still do many things.

In our scripture reading, Barzillai chose neither of the above courses. He was a “sensible senior citizen.” Although he was 80 years old, he maintained a genuine interest in life. Learning that David had just gone through a terrible ordeal with the rebellion of his son Absalom, Barzillai gave time and energy to escort the king across the Jordan River. But he didn’t fool himself into thinking he was still a young man. He turned down the king’s kind invitation to live in the palace. He realized that at his age he could not be an effective judge. Furthermore, after living a simple life he didn’t desire the luxurious life style of living in the temple. He was content to go back home and continue his normal life until the Lord called him home.

Regardless of age our limitations, we can still enjoy our walk with the Lord. Let us pray and cast a good example on those who know us, while we wait on the Lord.

We can’t avoid growing old, but we can avoid growing cold!


Holy Father, I humbly come unto you this day, thanking you for your many blessing that we have received in this life. For you are good and loving God and Father of us all. And you love to bless us as your children. And although this life is good, it can’t compare to that eternal home prepared by our Lord Jesus. May we always show our gratitude by using our blessings to praise and glorify YOU.

In Jesus Holy Name, Amen!

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