Tuesday, August 20, 2019

From the Heart: Marriage


Well, today is one for the ages. Most will remember the royal wedding for Harry and Megan but there are two other weddings scheduled for today that are far more important to me personally and they are my God daughter, Ashley Warrick and Chad French and my grandson Jacob Hewgley and Riley Jenkins.

I’m praying that God will bless these marriages with his presence and approval and that these loving couples will always love, respect and honor God for it is He who joins them together as one.

A good marriage requires much love and giving by both parties. All too often when the rosy glow of romance has faded to a deeper purple of reality, some of the sweetness that accompanies courtship is lost in the bitter experiences of life. The faults of each mate are magnified and become as obvious as their virtues. That’s why a husband and wife should work at making their marriage endure. It doesn’t just happen because you love each other. It happens because you loved, you praised, you respected and you forgave. With God’s help, marriage is a wonderful way of life. Giving and receiving true love just as God has planned.

It has been said; “A good marriage means falling in love many times — but always with the same person.”

A poem by Shipman Says:

The rose of love will bow its head

In homes where angry words are said;

That rose can brave the wintry sky,

But when hearts chill, that rose will die.


My wife and I have been married now for over 56 years. We actually love each other more today than we did on our wonderful wedding day. Why? Because we have learned how to love and what love really means.

Here are a few suggestions that I believe will help a marriage:

  1. Build your relationship on the same spiritual foundation.
  2. Never go to bed angry at each other. Discuss your differences.
  3. Don’t let a lively discussion end in an ugly argument.
  4. Identify your differences without attacking the other person.
  5. Share your feelings and talk about mutual interests.
  6. Men, never forget to fan the flames of romance.


Our Father who art in Heaven, how great your wisdom is, far beyond that of any man. Thank you Father for the gift of marriage, for giving us families that we might better realize your love for us. I ask you Father to bless these marriages today, that they might realize your great love for them and seek to love you back and follow your ways.

In Jesus Holy Name, AMEN!

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