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From the Heart: An Empty Egg

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Read Luke 24:1-8

v.6 He is not here; He has risen!

Of all the special days we as Americans celebrate, none could be as important as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That day we call Easter Sunday.

There was a grade school teacher who thought she would teach a life lesson to her students. It was a warm spring day, soon to be Easter Sunday. So she bought a large box of “empty plastic eggs.” And as her students came into the class room she gave them one of her eggs. After everyone was seated she told the class to go outside and find a sign of life and put it inside the egg.

After the students returned she had each of them open their egg and show the class what they had found. In one there was a butterfly. In another there was ant. Others contained flowers, twigs and blades of grass. But one egg had nothing in it. Everyone knew who it belonged to; a boy with special needs. Some of the kids laughed at him thinking that he didn’t understand what he was supposed to do. The teacher asked him why he had not put anything in his egg. His quiet answer was, “because the tomb was empty.” This young boy understood a profound truth; Easter is far more than a celebration of nature’s life cycle.

When the women went to anoint the body of Jesus they knew he was dead. Some of them had seen him die. They were sure his body was in the tomb. But when they looked for it, it was gone. The tomb was empty! What had happened? The body had not been stolen. The Roman guards were not playing tricks on them. They were not imagining it. “The tomb was empty because Jesus had risen from the dead.”

Oh, yes, my friends, Jesus has risen from the dead. It’s a miracle far more wonderful than the return of life in the spring. And most amazing of all, He has promised resurrection to all who will put their trust in Him and live for Him.

Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

Gladness fills the world today;

From the tomb that could not hold Him,

See the stone is rolled away!


Holy Father, how I love You! To think that you would send your only begotten Son to that cruel cross on Calvary, to suffer such agony and pain, just to save a sinner like me is far more than I can comprehend. And I know he did it willingly because that was his mission from the beginning of time. And He understood as did no other that his Heavenly Father would raise him from the dead and he could truly say, “It Is Finished!” He completed his mission and opened the veil of life that all may go in. Bless us Father, forgive us of our sins and guide us through this life that we too might reach that heavenly home.

In Jesus Holy Name, Amen!


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